polynomial space


Sep 3

On the state of Linux backups

Backup utilities available within linux kinda suck. As a disclaimer, there are lots of different backup utilities in the linux ecosystem and as many of them share similarities. I’ll mostly be making a general case against those systems, and will be partially focusing on desktop use.



Jul 29

~terminal control codes~

So terminals have some fancy control codes, commonly used for things like changing text colours or managing the cursor and buffer size, but it turns out some control codes exist to play with things slightly outside of the terminal itself.



Oct 15

Installing LXD on Fedora 30

LXD is a new set of tools to manage containers under the LXC layer. It seems it might fit for a personal test/dev environment, where Vagrant might be too much. Unfortunately installing on Fedora is a bit odd.


Sep 23


Administering multiple users and their SSH keys across multiple machines can become a hassle. One thing we can do to ease management and allow easier scaling is to create an SSH CA.


Sep 17

OpenVPN on OpenBSD

Despite Wireguard being the hot new choice for a VPN on unixy systems, I’ve still stuck to OpenVPN. I’ll be trying WG at some point, but OVPN has mostly-worked for me, despite some painful past experiences.


Sep 14

Actual content: Hugo

In the previous post we described the basic setup to get an https server running on OpenBSD. This post will continue on how to set up Hugo for a basic markdown-generated website.


Sep 12

Intro: Basic webserver on OpenBSD

polynomial.space is intended as my personal space for self-documentation and notes. As of writing, this is a fresh install of OpenBSD 6.5, hosted on vultr, running OpenBSD’s httpd, and using Hugo to render pages from markdown.